Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sons and Fathers!!

An aged man lived in a place very near Jaipur. He had a small garden and wanted to cultivate it, but he was too old and preparing the soil was a very difficult task for him. His son, who could have helped him, was in a prison. The aged man wrote a letter to his son telling him about his problems. He wrote, “ Dear son, I am really feeling bad because I won’t be able to cultivate my garden this year. I hate to miss cultivating as you mother always loved the planting time. I am just getting too old to cultivate and plant the garden. Had you been here, all my problems would have been over. I know that you would have dug up the land for me, but , unfortunately, you are in prison. Yours, loving dad.”

Within a short time, the aged man received a telegram which said, “For God’s sake! Dad, don’t dig up the garden! That is where I have buried the guns!! Your son.”

Next day, dozens of local police with their officers came and dug up the entire garden, but could not find even a single gun. The aged man was astonished at this and wrote another letter to his son informing of what had happened and asked him what to do next.

His son replied, “Go ahead and plant your garden, Dad! It is the best I could do from here”

Good thinking is wise, making a good plan is wiser, but executing it well is the wisest!!!

(Thanks to my friend Sri DSS Rao, who sent me this lovely exposition. He is also an equally devoted son.)

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